A Lovely Little Patchwork Heart Coaster

kerri_horsley_LLPOne of my favourite bloggers, Kerri Horsley, has just published an amazing new book – Lovely Little Patchwork (available on Amazon and Book Depository).

Kerri, knowing what a fan I was of her sweet style, was kind enough to send me a copy of the book. And let me tell you, it is a brilliant!  A bright and cheery book that includes 18 lovely projects from a cute doll to quilts, cushions and even a strawberry shaped backpack.


What has me really excited (well, other than Kerri knowing my name, which is pretty amazing) is that even for a novice like me all the projects are achievable.  This is thanks to each project having beautiful photos and clear instructions, accompanied by super cute illustrations to further explain the steps (and even feature such sweet drawn details such as flower pinsIMG_8909).

In fact, one of my first projects I made was the heart coaster using some precious pieces of Seder Imer’s new fabric range Sweet Orchard.  Sedef sent me a few little pieces of her upcoming first collection and thanks to Kerrie’s brilliant instructions I felt comfortable enough to launch myself into this coaster project.   And yep, just as I am with the book I am smitten with this heart coaster!



4 thoughts on “A Lovely Little Patchwork Heart Coaster

  1. Kellie Andersen says:

    Hi Ange, I’d 💙 the small piece of blue floral if you’re ready to move it on & you’re in Australia (postage costs)), thank you for your very kind offer. I’m getting so much enjoyment from your projects, thank you heaps, Kellie


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